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Micro Fabrication Technology of Cellulose Paper
2014-08-22 17:00:00


  EAPap material is attractive for developing biomimetic actuators, flying magic papers and biodegradable MEMS sensors. However, there are challenges of developing thin-film electrodes and flexible electronics on EAPap materials. We have successfully developed soft lithography technologies such as lift-off process, micro-contact printing technique and ink-jet printing technique.

  In the beginning of EAPap research, several kinds of papers with different fibrous natures were selected to investigate their electro-active characteristics: hardwood paper, softwood paper, Kraft paper, electrolyte paper, Korean paper, carbon paper and cellophane film. When the samples were actuated by applying electric field across the electrodes, small bending displacements were observed. Especially, the cellophane EAPap exhibited the best displacement output. Thus, we have focused on cellulose.



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